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Bachelor of Education
Conflict Resolution Certificate – Mount Royal University
Practicing Mediator – Alberta Family Mediation Society (AFMS)
Certified Human Resource Professional – National Designation
Family & Divorce Mediation – Legal Education Society
Qualified Mediator – Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)
Member of Community Mediation Calgary Society
Member of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce

Nicki achieved her Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta, has a national designation in Human Resources, and is a Qualified Mediator with ADRIA and a Practicing Mediator with AFMS receiving her training at Mount Royal University in Calgary as well as specialized training for Family & Divorce Mediation from the Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA). She is a current member of both ADRIA and AFMS.

Nicki’s diverse background includes working with Red Deer Public School District before evolving into the field of Human Resources for the last 10 years where she has been in industries such as oil & gas, professional services, hospitality, Post- Secondary, and Construction. This gives her a broad understanding of the challenges and conflicts that arise in the workplace, in families, and when families have a need to restructure.

It is your life and Nicki believes you are the best person to determine which solution is the best for you and your family. Nicki’s mediation process is facilitative and interest-based; she is compassionate and supportive. Mediation provides people in conflict situations with an opportunity to resolve their dispute in a private, respectful and efficient manner while minimizing costs. It is a voluntary and collaborative way to resolve disputes with the help of an impartial professional facilitator before relationships are irreparably damaged or things escalate into legal action. Even if legal action has already been initiated, mediation is useful for people seeking a more effective way to resolve their dispute. Mediators facilitate communication, promote understanding, focus the parties on their interests and seek creative problem solving to enable the parties to reach their own agreement.

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